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Good luck to everyone taking the ACT tomorrow, don’t stress over it though because you are more than just a number. :)

Anonymous: Just remember your life has more purpose then you can imagine. You're worth ever breath you take and you mean something special to someone. No matter how hard and bad life looks right now, you're seeing enough to overcome it. You are one amazing human being and God loves you. So please case your anxiety on him because he WILL care for you. Just have faith honey. You have so much potential.. don't waste it. Stay strong and stay happy. You've already spent so much time being miserable anyways 

wait what who said i was miserable


Praise dem stretch marks on your ass boo. That means them cakes been bakin in the oven for a real nigga to grab.

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People creaming themselves over Nicki now that she’s “toned it down”  and is going “back to her roots” or whatever leaves a really bad taste in mouth. Maybe all the pink drag and pop music was an aspect of herself she wanted to explore? How you even know who the “real” Nicki is? Like dressing up in “wacky” outfits doesn’t make you fake.  

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"If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull."
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